Guestbook from Ronnie

PeterM42 was here 03-Jul-2019 at 14:55 and wrote this :
Pity I cannot add a station - doesn't work! (yes, I did hit "save")

Richard was here 10-Apr-2019 at 11:12 and wrote this :
Great mini radio, please update to windows 10 as it keeps crashing!!!

Rick was here 25-Feb-2019 at 08:09 and wrote this :
Hi Sir...I'm trying unsuccessfully to import stream URLs from ( and help is appreciated...

Ronnie was here 17-Feb-2019 at 17:26 and wrote this :
Andrew, it is working fine here...

Andrew was here 17-Feb-2019 at 17:17 and wrote this :
The download button for any of the gadgests doesn`t work. Please fix it.

khalid was here 10-Feb-2019 at 17:24 and wrote this :
MiniRadio is awesome. I would like to add more radio stations especially Arabic. Thank you.

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Ron was here 27-Nov-2018 at 09:28 and wrote this :
Thank you for the compliments! Unfortunately it is not possible to import/export to Google calendar.

Martin was here 26-Nov-2018 at 08:56 and wrote this :
Thanks for your miniradio, its great. Looking at yr agenda, can it import/synchronise from Google Calendar??

Mandip Singh Bhatti was here 21-Nov-2018 at 05:22 and wrote this :
Hello sir,I am trying to change station from us to India is it possible please help me. i am using windows 10

Martin was here 16-Jul-2018 at 08:34 and wrote this :
Just started playing around with8GadgetPack for Win10. Like your miniradio a lot, but there's a But coming! But so far I can only find two stations actually working this morning - NL Nashville Hits and UK Rock Radio, why's that?? Excellent gadget though!

Miriam was here 07-Jul-2018 at 15:41 and wrote this :
Hi, Used and enjoyed your weathergadget on my Vista system for many years until sadly it stopped working ,today I found and tried the latest and am so very delighted to have it working again.I have missed it so very much but no more, I thank you !!

jackie was here 05-Jul-2018 at 22:59 and wrote this :
hi ronnie! best gadget app for windows 10. i would really like if you made more! i use the digiclock, the weather channel, and the battery.. thanks again,:)

Raj was here 22-May-2018 at 17:17 and wrote this :
You are awesome man!i'm using your fm on windows 10 without problem...but mini tv is not working..if u got time then plz check it.thanks...

Rich was here 05-May-2018 at 12:40 and wrote this :
Do you have one for English and American ??

TerryM was here 23-Apr-2018 at 20:18 and wrote this :
Hi Ronnie Thanks for a brilliant little program I listen a lot to Nashville fm

jamie was here 15-Apr-2018 at 17:41 and wrote this :
thank you much sir. i cant see well and the make larger aspectreally helps

Charles was here 14-Apr-2018 at 14:13 and wrote this :
Hello the mini radio doesn't work any more!

Ronnie was here 18-Jan-2018 at 09:44 and wrote this :
Yes you can. Please write me an e-mail

rod k was here 05-Jan-2018 at 08:33 and wrote this :
Can I retrieve historical entries on my agenda and transfer that history to my new computer. I have installed Agenda on new computer but would like to include past entries

Reinhardt Grugetr was here 14-Oct-2017 at 07:01 and wrote this :
Da, vaše su aplikacije vrlo dobre, ali je teško razumjeti.

Steppen-Wolf was here 13-Oct-2017 at 02:42 and wrote this :
Thank you. But I don't appreciate your sarcasm. Here I have been telling people you're this great guy in the Netherlands. It's obvious that I've been overestimating you; but why am I not surprised?

Ronnie was here 12-Oct-2017 at 09:39 and wrote this :
Because you asked so nicely, I removed the MiniTV. The world is a safer place now.

Steppen-Wolf was here 11-Oct-2017 at 18:43 and wrote this :
And the MiniTV even though it makes peoples' computers crash?! Come on, Man, at least remove that one, for it may have already damaged peoples' computers, or at minimum scared the shit of them and caused them heartache(s). It didn't even work in Windows 7.

Ronnie was here 19-Sep-2017 at 19:59 and wrote this :
Hello Steppen-Wolf, I leave all my gadgets the way they are now. These gadgets are so old, i hardly believe they still work :-) Maybe they work for some people in Windos 10, so i just leave them for download.

Steppen-Wolf was here 15-Sep-2017 at 18:56 and wrote this :
Hi again, Ron. Do you have any intention of correcting the problem so the MiniRadio will work okay in Windows 10, or no? Please forgive me, I don't mean to seem "snippy", impatient or ungrateful, but I really think that if you are going to continue to provide the gadget, you should find some time eventually to correct this issue and get it to work in Windows 10; otherwise, you should either make it not available anymore, or only continue to make it available with the written caveat that it will only work in Windows 7 or earlier [and perhaps (still?) Windows 8 if it ever did work in same?]. What do you think?

Ronnie was here 10-Sep-2017 at 14:49 and wrote this :
Sorry to hear that MiniRadio causes this. Unfortunately still no solution

Steppen-Wolf was here 31-Aug-2017 at 17:02 and wrote this :
Correction and/or Addition: There are a couple gadgets that don't look and/or work right with IE 11 installed in Windows 10, but they don't cause the sidebars and gadgets to crash; only the MiniRadio causes that.

Ronnie was here 29-Aug-2017 at 21:34 and wrote this :
Hi Steppen_wolf, thanks for your detailed information. I am sorry to hear the gadget does not work in Windows 10 anymore. Glas to see that you have the visualization work again in Windows 7. Hopefully it works in Windows 10 again soon too. I have no idea what exactly causes the crashes...

Steppen-Wolf was here 29-Aug-2017 at 20:38 and wrote this :
Now all of a sudden your gadget doesn't work at all in Windows 10, causing all of the gadgets and both sidebars to crash every time I try to run it (that never happened before), with no computer freeze-up(s) fortunately... [I just went and checked if it still works on one of my Windows 7 PCs, and it does. In fact, the "Alchemy" visualization is back on that one (due to my rebooting and/or logging off?). But when I turned Gadgets on, it caused my computer to freeze up, twice; so, first I ran "Repair" on the 8GadgetPack, and that didn't fix the problem, thus I had to uninstall 8GadgetPack altogether (which, fortunately, does not remove the gadgets), and that DID correct the problem. Now it's working great on Windows 7 again. (I may reinstall the latest version of the 8GadgetPack later and see if the freeze-up problem comes back.)] On Windows 10, I just uninstalled the 8GadgetPack to see if that causes your gadget to work again and makes the visualization reappear as well (in Windows 10, unlike Windows 7, you have to reinstall the 8GadgetPack or gadgets won't work at all, so I reinstalled it). But your MiniRadio gadget still causes the sidebars and gadgets to crash. So, it must be an issue caused by IE 11 and/or the WMP. I even shutdown all anti-malware programs including those built in to Windows 10, but that didn't help either. And, the "funny" thing is, all of the other gadgets appear to work fine (the gadgets and the sidebars all start right back up after crashing). Your gadget appears to be the only one that doesn't work in Windows 10 anymore. I'll let you know if anything changes (at least it's working again in Windows 7).

Ronnie was here 25-Aug-2017 at 11:58 and wrote this :
Hi Steppen-Wolf, too bad it does not work :-( Nice to hear that you can still use WMP for the visualizations and can still enjoy them. Greetings, Ron

Steppen-Wolf was here 25-Aug-2017 at 00:28 and wrote this :
I got off my butt and just went and tried all that you suggested on one of my Windows 7 computers as well, and it didn't work on that one either. Oh well, very little seems to work simply for me.

Steppen-Wolf was here 24-Aug-2017 at 22:18 and wrote this :
Oh, and I meant to add that I will try it in Windows 7 next and see if it just doesn't work in Windows 10 (with IE 11 or some such thing that's causing it). I don't feel like it right now.

Steppen-Wolf was here 24-Aug-2017 at 22:14 and wrote this :
Thanks, Ron. I just tried that; and, unfortunately, it didn't work. I guess I'll just use the WMP and its visualizations directly. It was just nice having the convenience of your gadget right there in the sidebar without having to bother with all of that, especially when I'm not in the mood to listen to my collection of music. Sometimes I just liked to put "Alchemy" on all of my screens with or without music. But I can do that with the WMP, too. Thank you for your response. Cheers!

Ronnie was here 24-Aug-2017 at 16:40 and wrote this :
Hello Steppen-Wolf, sorry for my late response. You are right, even if i am very busy (which I am), i can place small reactions on people's comments. I only run Windows 7, not Windows 10. I think to make the visualization screen work in Windows 7, is to go to Windows Media Player and set the desired visualization. NOw re-install the miniradio gadget. I gues it should work this way. I have no idea how it works in Windows 10. I hope you can use this information.

S. Wolf Britain (aka "Steppen-Wolf") was here 24-Aug-2017 at 15:45 and wrote this :
Hi again. Well, the original visualization that your player defaulted to was evidently "Alchemy", and that is apparently the one it no longer defaults to. There appears to be no way to install a plugin in MiniRadio, so I tried installing a couple of new visualization plugins in the Windows Media Player (WMP) to see if that corrected the problem, but it did not. Are you ever going to respond to this issue, or are you presently too busy to do so? Or, are you never going to correct or resolve it because you have no interest in doing so? Don't you think that you could at least give a quick response to inform that such is the case, rather than just ignoring people?

Steppen-Wolf was here 13-Aug-2017 at 03:08 and wrote this :
P.S.---After having just finished reinstalling Windows 7 in another computer as well, I discovered that even in Windows 7 neither the old or new versions of the Mini Radio work showing the fancy "light show" image(s) anymore. What happened? Did some Windows Update make it no longer work (I even stayed with IE 10 in which it always worked before now, refusing to update to IE 11 (except, of course, in Windows 10 on my other PC, where I had no choice but to accept IE 11, and it won't let you backtrack to IE 10 like Windows used to let you do to earlier versions of IE). Please let us know if you're going to update the Mini Radio to show the original fancy "renderer"; or, if not, how we can install it (as a "plug in"?) so it will show up and work again in the Mini Radio. Thank you again, Ronnie. (Does it perhaps have something to do with Microsoft updating the Windows Media Player without our knowledge?)Also, on a political note, if you're a praying man, pray for the world because we the closest thing to a "Hitler" white supremacist as the U.S. "president" right now, especially with his threatening nuclear war with North Korea. If he nukes North Korea, we're all toast.

lungywe was here 08-Aug-2017 at 12:42 and wrote this :
The email address should read

lungywe was here 08-Aug-2017 at 12:41 and wrote this :
I have installed this mini radio recently and it is not working. Kindly advise in detail how to operate this radio. Thanks.

S. Wolf Britain (aka "Steppen-Wolf") was here 06-Aug-2017 at 12:09 and wrote this :
Hey, Ronnie, how's it goin'? Wolf here who, as far as I know, last did the update(s) of the radio stations. I now have been "forced" into Windows 10 since I got a new, higher-end computer that has the latest, 7th generation Intel Core i5 quad core CPU which is designed to work with Windows 10. Though it let me install Windows 7, once I did so a popup kept coming up stating the foregoing and informing me that Windows Update would no longer give me any updates due to the processor not being designed for Windows 7. It sucks! I can't stand Windows 10! But where else am I going to get such a good deal for a PC with a Core i5 quad core, 8gbs of RAM, a 2tb hard drive, and wireless and Bluetooth built in for $400.00 (during Amazon Prime day when I got an additional $50.00 off bringing the cost to $400.00)?!Anyway, now when using your gadget, which I will always try to keep using across platforms for the rest of my life(!), it only shows an "equalizer-like" line graph going to the music, and I can no longer see the "psychedelic light show" image as before. Is there some way to fix this so it will work with the latter in Windows 10?

LaMont Raub was here 20-Jul-2017 at 01:03 and wrote this :
i have v0.9.98 is this the last one so far? just looking to update player, i love it and that it can add stations. thanks RON

Ronnie was here 19-Jul-2017 at 17:43 and wrote this :
Do you have access to the settings of the gadget? Maybe you can make a backup fron there

John Jenkins was here 19-Jul-2017 at 17:22 and wrote this :
My most useful AGENDA has gone wrong! It only shows 99.99 99.99> in the lower right hand corner. All dates and my entries GONE!> Can I get them back?> I've tried reinstalling, but still get only 99.99 99.99 in the lower RH> corner. No dates or anything else.> PLEASE HELP!!!

Shoebert was here 10-Jul-2017 at 16:53 and wrote this :
Dude why did you get rid of all the trance stations? :(

Janice was here 14-Apr-2017 at 04:54 and wrote this :
I love your miniradio and have tried to re-access it again, I use internet explorer and was told they no longer support the gadget that I used to access it -- I don't want to join Facebook so how can I go about getting a download?

Will was here 05-Mar-2017 at 15:08 and wrote this :
Thank you for the Miniradio, works awesomely. To upgrade, the user below just needs to download the current version and install it.

Jane was here 17-Feb-2017 at 22:31 and wrote this :
Hello Ronnie -How do I update the version?? It is currently a 2012 version

Bumbic was here 30-Jan-2017 at 20:15 and wrote this :
Hi, I use a super radio. Improve on the radio? Add RDS and visual tweaks.We use it at work and you have a simple and well !!

ddmpy was here 15-Dec-2016 at 10:16 and wrote this :
now , agenda calendar it's the bestwith your modification i see day date very very good .nice job the most interesting calendar in gadget and windows 10 it's the top

dan was here 14-Dec-2016 at 20:36 and wrote this :
hello, beautiful work , i use your's the most interesting agenda i see and now i is possible to change color background of current day in calendar. I use big screen and calendar is little so i read current date with difficulty . if day is on different color background , it's most easy to read ...can you do modification on calendar to change color background of current day better to read than silver box...very thank to alls

Jim was here 07-Dec-2016 at 19:49 and wrote this :
Still get 404 error on page 000.Second: can you make teletekst for RTL4 ?

Annie was here 26-Aug-2016 at 13:22 and wrote this :
Will you have AM Radio also? was here 18-Jul-2016 at 18:44 and wrote this :
Viva Ronnie,Desde Portugal, muito oibrigado, trabalho excelente, mas, quando diz que posso actualizar do site principal, qual é? Não vejo nada para download/actualizar.Meu inglês é mau, por isso escrevo mesmo na minha lingua pátria, que aliás, é falada por mais de 300 milhões de pessoas.Peço que use um "tradutor", google ou outro.Muito obrigado mais umam ves, vou experimentar o radio e tentar sintonizar radios Portugueses e a televisão, será que terei acesso aos canais de desporto?Vou ver e depois darei opinião mais abalizada.Greetings from Lisbon

Frederick was here 01-Jun-2016 at 12:34 and wrote this :
It seems like the weather gadgets can't connect any more. Any comments?

Ronnie was here 22-Mar-2016 at 20:50 and wrote this :
I updated the stations of the English MIniRadio gadget with Steppen-Wolf's stations. You can download it on the main website

Ronnie was here 22-Mar-2016 at 17:11 and wrote this :
Ok Steppen-Wolf, great work! Thanks! I look forward to it. I stopped updating the gadget a long time ago, but since you did it now, it is quite easy for me now. Please send. Thanks.

Steppen-Wolf was here 22-Mar-2016 at 17:05 and wrote this :
Ronnie and others: There were only about five stations left on the mini-radio that still worked. Evidently most of the stations have done away with free internet listening. So, I deleted all of the non-working stations and went through your station list and added all of the working U.S. stations (quite a bit of work and time consuming). Thus, I thought I would send the files to you and/or share them with everyone; but, since I can't attach the files in this guestbook, I will email the two files to your email address, Ronnie. So, please look for them and add them to the mini-radio program. Sorry that I didn't add Netherlands and/or other country stations, but I had already spent too much time on this as it was, so you can add them if you find the time and see fit to do so. Cheers!

GA White was here 22-Oct-2015 at 04:47 and wrote this :
Great Gadget...Love excellent...thank you for making this available!

STILES was here 02-May-2015 at 13:33 and wrote this :
great mini radio loving e urban jamz frequency..# dope

Robert was here 25-Apr-2015 at 01:46 and wrote this :
Hi, Now Windows is not supporting the music feature, have you plans for a new radio App? Like others I've been using this app for a long time.

Michael was here 31-Dec-2014 at 23:52 and wrote this :
Happy New Year 2015 from California!! Miniiradio is a terrific site.

Michael was here 19-Dec-2014 at 08:45 and wrote this :
Ronnie, first I'd like to thank you for your effort.I'd also like to report a minor bug:When pressing the minimize all button on win7 (the square next to the taskbar clock) the gadget disappears from the desktop.The strange part is that the shortcut key (Win+M) does not have the same effect!Keep up the good work.Michael from Greece.

Brother Stair was here 26-Oct-2014 at 15:40 and wrote this :
Greetings Mini Radio,this is Brother Stair from the Overcomer Ministry situated on a farm in Walterboro in the USA. After viewing the website I invite you to listen in to the broadcast either via the website or over the radio by many short wave frequencies stated on the website. With deep conviction by the annointing of the holy spirit this is the last day prophet of God proclaiming profoundly that this is the last generation. The overcomer ministry broadcasts 24 hours a day online and you are welcome to listen in to the tabernacle and leave a comment or question upon the broadcasts or scripture.The Ministry address is Box 691,Walterboro,SC 29488,USA.By Telephone,1-843-701-5053.Maranatha.I have been on the radio for over 40 years and this message is relevant to those who wish to be saved in this day and age to those who understand the purpose of time and being faithful to God. When you have time off you are welcome to visit the tabernacle. I like your website alot but shame about the spam.God bless.

VinceUSA was here 13-Sep-2014 at 22:38 and wrote this :
I have been using this gadget since 2009 and to this day, I still love it. Once you understand how it works in regards to adding in stations and editing the internal station files, it is great for any station - From local sports to hard to find music stations. Thank you from across the pond!

David was here 11-Sep-2014 at 15:14 and wrote this :
Thank you for MiniRadio. It's clean, small and works well. It really is the best tool for the job. Cheers.

Nadine was here 06-Sep-2014 at 11:37 and wrote this :
nice! ty!! =*

w.klik.d was here 29-Jul-2014 at 12:10 and wrote this :
Fantastic, but You may add upgrade in section About.I was on home page and - sorry - you mix number so I dont know which is new or old. Add date of made !!

Noredine was here 19-May-2014 at 20:38 and wrote this :
GREAT THANKS FOR MiniRadio Gadget.

rosebe60 was here 06-May-2014 at 08:14 and wrote this :
Hello.Great job. Your gadgets are great, they do exactly what they say, intuitive, useful... keep it up, mate.You have my admiration.

Zane was here 22-Feb-2014 at 13:55 and wrote this :
LOVE LOVE LOVE your gadgets!! Use your radio every day. Thank you! xxx

Petri T was here 10-Oct-2013 at 21:11 and wrote this :
Email alert would be nice gadget for all. Email when it is ready to petri.tokola(remove for @)hotmail.comP.S Nice gadgets:)

Scotty was here 28-Sep-2013 at 18:20 and wrote this :
Hello.Great job. Your gadgets are great, they do exactly what they say, intuitive, useful... keep it up, mate.You have my admiration.

Don Estok was here 25-Sep-2013 at 23:38 and wrote this :
Love your radio, and the choices it provides. Are you creating an Android version for my tablet-type ?Cheers from Seattle, WA

Ashley was here 11-Jul-2013 at 07:11 and wrote this :
Hi im a designer, can i design a cool skin for ur radio? if yes let me know k...(

Ashley was here 11-Jul-2013 at 07:07 and wrote this :
Greetings Im from India and ur gadget is awesome, love it thank you so very much, i use it a lot was here 04-Mar-2013 at 22:16 and wrote this :
Ronnie I have the calender/agenda love it but few days ago it just stopped working i deleted it and reinstaled it still cannot get it to work again.i go to save item on date then hit close and save yes or no comes up I hit yes, still will not save I have windows 7, I use this gaget more than anything else on my computer, any Idea what I can do HELP lost without it

José Luiz was here 03-Mar-2013 at 03:56 and wrote this :
I'm from Brazil, the Mini radio gadget is fantastic! After trying dozens of paid software and have disappointment, I find this beauty that works beautifully. The drawing cute and small in the right corner of the desktop and formidable! Please keep the excellent work with this gadget and not pollute visually, so let's fine. Undoubtedly one of the best gadgets for windows 7. Congrats.

Ronnie was here 17-Feb-2013 at 08:44 and wrote this :
Everybody thanks for the feedback. If you have a question, please send me an e-mail instead of writing the question in the guestbook. Thanks!

bcl was here 11-Jul-2012 at 16:18 and wrote this :
thank you for the agenda calendar; wonderfully useful gadget.

Hans was here 14-Jun-2012 at 03:48 and wrote this :
... just realized that in the updated version the problem had been eliminated ... Sorry, and once again, a very nice little tool!

Hans was here 14-Jun-2012 at 03:33 and wrote this :
Your little Gadget Agenda is a very nice tool. Very useful. However, it has a small glich. When you go to the >>>>> preview, all is 24 hours too early and does not follow the actual date.

Kevin was here 09-Jun-2012 at 02:12 and wrote this :
The radio is good, but I think it would be improved if the play button changed when it was playing, so that I can see at a glance that the radio is turned on, or the that the radio stream has stopped.

Ian was here 16-May-2012 at 15:44 and wrote this :
The radio is very good. The calendar is even more very gooder. It is exceptional. I find it so useful that I am obliged to make a modest donation.Tell Mickey to keep up the good work and give him a scratch behind the ears from me.

Charles was here 12-Apr-2012 at 03:12 and wrote this :
Hello Ronnie... Absolutely the best music on the net and the type of music that makes me want to hop into my 911 and drive! Please tell me where can I find a listing of the music you're playing here?

Tom & Monika McMahon was here 26-Mar-2012 at 16:50 and wrote this :
Hi I am Tom from Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada. My wife and I enjoy the agenda calender and have just reloaded it on our new computer. Thanks

Adi was here 12-Mar-2012 at 07:36 and wrote this :
Hello, really love your calendar/agenda gadget, great work..

Duyane Turner was here 07-Mar-2012 at 12:06 and wrote this :
Thanks for some wonderful music!! This is what I grew up listening to, and it brings back some good memories. I haven't heard a bad song yet!! Keep up the good work! Duyane Turner, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Davi was here 23-Feb-2012 at 22:56 and wrote this :
Hi, thank you so much for making this gadget. It was not esay to find, but it worse all the search. Your gadget mini radio is *&*#% awsome! With it I can add more then five radio stations. I have a lot of favorite stations. That is great! And the internal stations are amazing too! Thanks!

Constantin was here 25-Jan-2012 at 18:33 and wrote this :
Hello,radio and TV mini mini go no more binede two radio, can not they download.please helpdive operation, windows 7,email:coco.zamfir @ thank you

Constantin was here 25-Jan-2012 at 18:29 and wrote this :
Hello,radio and TV mini mini go no more binede two radio, can not they download.please helpdive operation, windows 7email: @ coco.zamfirthank you

Ronnie was here 06-Jan-2012 at 20:24 and wrote this :
Kevin, it is fixed now. You can download the latest version.

kevin, UK was here 04-Jan-2012 at 15:38 and wrote this :
calender/agenda gadget excellent, just found sligt problem as it is a leap year anything after 29 feb 2012 is one day out on list, could you help.

Kulutempa was here 10-Dec-2011 at 14:20 and wrote this :
Ronnie, Please keep up the good work, love the Radio Gadget, presently i am listening to Smooth Jazz on SKY.Fm, thanks a million. GOD Bless you and let me how i can donate to this Tech cause.

Rob Wallace, Los Lunas, USA was here 09-Dec-2011 at 15:40 and wrote this :
Hey Ronnie.. I Like the mini Radio and sent you a contribution towards your efforts to provide free gadgets for all.. hope it helped.. one thing, I can't get the Nashville station to play at all.. any ideas?

Dollar Bill was here 07-Dec-2011 at 20:02 and wrote this :
Hi, Ronnie. Love the Radio Gadget! Best Blues station ever. I'm glad I found you. My friends want the gadget but it isn't where I found it originally. Great work, lots of people appriciate your work. Keep it up! Best Wishes.

Lenora was here 18-Nov-2011 at 14:25 and wrote this :
I love your Calendar/Agenda gadget. I installed it on a computer a couple of years ago, and wanted to use it on a new computer that I recently set up. I couldn't remember where I got the gadget originally, and when I checked the details, your website link was wrong. It pointed to: and it should have pointed to I finally found you through a name search on Google (thank goodness). Thanks for the great work!

Barbara Griset was here 29-Oct-2011 at 13:47 and wrote this :
I love the agenda calendar. How do you use the timer? My email address is you.

Neil was here 08-Sep-2011 at 05:10 and wrote this :
Can't get this station to play on Windows 7 64 bit machine, real alternative installed.

DEN was here 04-Sep-2011 at 11:32 and wrote this :
Den writes again. If you have made a MINI RADIO Widget for XP. Please contact me on MANY THANKS.

Ronnie was here 04-Sep-2011 at 11:31 and wrote this :
Hello DEN,Yes. You can. I made a program for XP for that. Here to find: some stations won't play anymore, because they are outdated, but you can change them yourself. Enjoy it!

DEN was here 04-Sep-2011 at 11:28 and wrote this :
Hi Ronnie. I"m very impressed by your MiniRadio Gadget for Windows7 I"ve spent many pleasurable hours listening to all the various music stations. But My main computer is running XP, which I prefer to use. Question is : As I cant use GADGETS in the XP operating system. Have you made (or can you make) a Yahoo Widget the same as the mini Radio Gadget you have made for Windows 7. If you can, I will be a very happy man

Bon AzmaL was here 29-Aug-2011 at 20:45 and wrote this :
Hey Ron,,,Whats Up !!Thanks for the Gadget,,they are awesome !!If any update or new version are availablekindly drop an e.maiL !!I preciate your contribution to the Internet Society,,till then ,cheers !!RegardsBon AzmaL (Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia)

MC LAM was here 15-Aug-2011 at 15:02 and wrote this :
Dear Sirs,First of all, thanks a lot for all the work you have done on the relevant gadgets. We download the one of minitv,but,unfortunately, it doesnot work like the others'comments.We don't know the reason, and would like to see whether you could help us or not. In case you would like to reply to us,please use the following ,thanks again for your kindness.

Gordon was here 21-Jul-2011 at 02:03 and wrote this : is Live TV stream for CCTV-4 from China. Can you add it to your list of TV Stations?

Radionaut was here 24-Jun-2011 at 02:48 and wrote this :
Thanks for the handy radio player. Two things I can think of now: Would it be possible to implement a track info of the songs currently played? Most radio stations provide this info. Another great feature would be a short notice of status, if the station is loading/offline/etc... right now.

Ronnie was here 14-Jun-2011 at 19:47 and wrote this : = mms://

eTernal was here 14-Jun-2011 at 18:52 and wrote this :
minitv is the best gadget! dancetv has moved to, plzzz update, tried adding it but theres somthing im doing wrong. dont know what address i need to put in, rejects the web url. Lord your comment please ...

Arturo was here 08-Jun-2011 at 02:28 and wrote this :
My name is arturo, and you can find me in facebook as viktor ikelos. I just checked your gadget, and i was wondering if theres a way to set a proxy to be able to watch some "zone restricted" channels. I tried to watch a culture channel from the netherlands, but a messege appeared that i couldnt because i live in mexico.Also, thanks for making it. its really great.

Gregory Fox was here 22-May-2011 at 00:49 and wrote this :
Hello Ronnie, Fantastic gadget and great stationsI have added all of my favorites from your external stations list that you provided. I am never without my music now. Thank you and whomever has helped make this gadget a success.

Jrgen knauer was here 13-May-2011 at 08:58 and wrote this :
Hallo allen . Ich schreibe mal auf deutsch denn mit meinem English geht es nicht so gut.. Liebe Gre ersteinmal nach holland (Dutch) Zaanfort . Meine Freundin will ich ganz lieb grssen . Leider geht das nicht ber das Minni Radio ,oder gibt es da eine Mglichkeit mit einem Sender zusammen Gre verschicken ?? Ich nutze jetzt beide sachen ,den Minni TV und das Minni Radio . Liebe grsse nach Holland ,Deutschland und Dnemark nach Kopenhagen an MetteHansen . LOL Jrgen k

smshpnt was here 12-Mar-2011 at 23:08 and wrote this :
How do I make the russian names of stations I've added show up correctly in MiniRadio? I tried saving the Dat file with the name in UTF-8 because ansi doesn't have the support but it didn't work.

JJ was here 12-Mar-2011 at 11:52 and wrote this :
Hi - downloaded MiniTV but nothing at all works. I am wondering if it is blocked at my location (South Korea - they block lots of content here)

Mongol was here 11-Mar-2011 at 21:19 and wrote this :
Ronnie, your calendar gadget is great, one of my top tools and works fine with win7 x64 core i7/620 Notebook. Is there a way to make backups compatible to be read with Symbian60r5?Blessings!

Dave again! was here 24-Feb-2011 at 17:45 and wrote this :
me again Ron...Sorry I meant to say..Clasic Fm station is in the drop-down list on player, but not in INTERNAL STATIONS LIST IN OPTIONS DIALOGUE BOX, SO CANT MOVE STATION UP THE LIST

Dave was here 24-Feb-2011 at 17:37 and wrote this :
Have to say Ron...Great program!Please just try and help me with small prob:I'm running Windows7 64bit system:I have right-clicked on radio gadget and ticked "always on top".When I click the "hide desktop" button, the radio gadget disapears (the other gadgets are still in view) any answers for me to try?Also, have added "Classic FM" uk radio station.Works ok...found at bottom of drop-down menu, but can't seem to be able to move it up the list.Your help and advice would be greatly appreciated,Many thanks and Kind Regards,

Jos was here 23-Feb-2011 at 01:43 and wrote this :
I am from Brazil and I am always listenting my favorites radios through MiniRadio. Could you please add ?

Adil was here 31-Dec-2010 at 22:34 and wrote this :
You guys rocks! thanks

maxim.25 was here 28-Dec-2010 at 07:56 and wrote this :
Welcome to Roni. The radio is great, and you're incredible. This is a very good idea to do gadzet with mini radio.

Sean was here 25-Dec-2010 at 00:13 and wrote this :
Just downloaded your MiniRadio and it`s marvellous! Just what I need.Thanks very much.

Boss was here 02-Dec-2010 at 09:03 and wrote this :
Ronnie and co...i love your minitv app its reallly a cool gadget,but i was wondering if you could add some adult stations,since i cant add some to mine

Velizar was here 23-Nov-2010 at 08:35 and wrote this :
Hi Ronnie,Thank you for the Mini Radio. It is my favorite gadget.Do you know by the way what is the reason I can't play some additionally added local stations such as again and have a great day.

rodney harris was here 06-Nov-2010 at 23:24 and wrote this :
hello ronnie I'm trying to add a sports radio to my mini but i'm having trouble doing so. how will i be able to do it? my e-mail is thanks..

Eric was here 29-Oct-2010 at 18:52 and wrote this :
Thanks for miniradio! I use it daily!!!!

Eddie Tapper was here 13-Oct-2010 at 15:44 and wrote this :
Ronnie,kiitokset sen aiheuttaman. Radio- tekee kun olen erittin tausta ollaan yritmme ksitell hanke. kuunnella sit koko ajan. est, jos olette meille koskaan. tapper Borgin, noin kaupunki, osittain, Yhdysvallat Ronnie,Thanks for the gadgets. The radio makes for great background when I'm trying to focus on a project. Listen to it all the time. Stop by if you are ever in the US. Eddie Tapper, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Ken was here 25-Sep-2010 at 02:46 and wrote this :
I use your MiniRadio gadgets an I love it!! Would there be a way to display tracking information? Would be nice to see what song is playing and what artist created it.Thank you for the great work you have put in!!

markus was here 24-Sep-2010 at 23:44 and wrote this :
thank you very much from th USA

David Pounds, Florida, USA was here 30-Aug-2010 at 22:37 and wrote this :
I love your mini radio gadget! I use it every day, all day long. I have installed it on every computer to which I have access. Hopefully, I can visit your country one day, it sounds like such a nice place.

Jock was here 28-Aug-2010 at 15:49 and wrote this :
Hi. MiniTV is amazing! However, could you update the gadget with the new channels. Its kind of hard to put the channels individually especially with the long list of available channels. Thank you.

dylan was here 19-Aug-2010 at 04:43 and wrote this :
when i press play nothing happens...

Randy T. was here 17-Aug-2010 at 20:55 and wrote this :
Ronnie,I like the mini radio gadget, but I'm still having difficulty ADDING stations. Does it merely take the URL of the site itself OR can you also put in the URL of the player mechanism itself too? Either way, neither one works for me with most of the stations I want to add....please

jim was here 07-Aug-2010 at 17:44 and wrote this :
Hey, great gadgets! Please continue to update them!

RanY2J was here 26-Jul-2010 at 21:53 and wrote this :
I love your mini radio ! it reduces my work stress but on the next update kindly make the radio stations i add available on the main link with other radios

Israel was here 21-Jul-2010 at 20:56 and wrote this :
Hi Ronnie,Good one ! Will these work on XP ?

Phil was here 21-Jul-2010 at 16:45 and wrote this :
Hi, mini radio is great, but can you get BBC London radio on it?

Crixus was here 20-Jul-2010 at 09:39 and wrote this :
oustanding work my friend. User friendly and usefull. Congrats

Sandeep (India) was here 24-Jun-2010 at 09:50 and wrote this :
Very nice gadget boss.. it's ultimate.. i have distributed it to all my friends..NICE ONE !!

Jose Lav was here 16-Apr-2010 at 14:17 and wrote this :
Sir Ronnie,Ik zou het op prijs zou onder meer tv-kanalen MiniTV het volgende:TelemundoTVAzteca13RTPATVE 24 uurTV CanariasCNN Spaansehartelijk dankJose (Peru)

Ivan was here 21-Mar-2010 at 02:14 and wrote this :
Amazin radio station (miniRadio), i have no comments to do because I like it so much. Greetings from Chile my friend!

AndyMcJ was here 18-Mar-2010 at 12:20 and wrote this :
Hi RonnieWell done on making a great radio gadget, I install it as standard on every Windows 7 install I do for my friends, workmates and family..Just recently I have found it to be sticking though, I choose SFM Best of 80's and press the play button but it does not work, but if I choose another station first and then go back to the original station it works? Strange !!Anyway keep up the great work.

Geoff was here 14-Mar-2010 at 19:30 and wrote this :
Hey, Ronnie. Just wanted to say thanks for the radio station gadget. Terrific. I have lived in Gent for 5 weeks - retired. Been in UK all my life. Life's different here. Thanks again. cheerz. geoff

dodo was here 26-Feb-2010 at 18:44 and wrote this :
the mini radio is grate, excelent job

Operator was here 13-Feb-2010 at 21:17 and wrote this :
Mini Radio is absolutely the best - please keep up the good work, it's the only radio player I have found that works as it should, and all without doing anything. I recommend your radio player to everyone who uses windows 7 - simply amazing.

Korhan was here 11-Feb-2010 at 17:21 and wrote this :
Thanks for the mini radio gadget. I tried a lot of different ones, yours is the best!

videoismylife was here 07-Feb-2010 at 12:53 and wrote this :
Thanks - your radio gadget is what I needed.

Peter- from Canada was here 28-Jan-2010 at 19:11 and wrote this :
Hi Ronnie, I just want to thank you for being so kind to provide this gadgets for others to take advantage of. I really like Smooth Jazz as a background music and there are some nice ones available - commercial free as well. Good on YA bro.

Jean Ascher was here 25-Jan-2010 at 21:37 and wrote this :
The Court Jester Chango from The ChangHigh Circus, like Ronnies mini radio and like to say Thank you...Just wish there were more active regage stations.. Stay with Light, Life and Love...Jean Ascher

Trish Barry was here 25-Jan-2010 at 01:30 and wrote this :
Ronnie,How do I change the backround on the agenda? I loved the purple one but can't find it. was here 21-Jan-2010 at 13:31 and wrote this :
Hi RonnieYour calendar is more than gadget. It is very usefull daily. But I download it on website and it is not in english I saw one copy in english but I dont know from where....Have a nice day ( your beautifull cat too )

MOHAMMED was here 19-Jan-2010 at 08:17 and wrote this :

Larry was here 14-Jan-2010 at 03:38 and wrote this :
Great calendar gadget. Need to add online sync. was here 02-Jan-2010 at 12:08 and wrote this :
Geat gadget. Any chance of one for Windows mobile?

Chang was here 31-Dec-2009 at 20:29 and wrote this :
High Ronnie great great Mini TV gadget.... reall cool.....but somehow I am not able to add my danish channels even I do as the setting say...It would be nice if you was able to select from the list on the net directly and add...I got version MiniTV 0.5.6 is this your latest.. Thank you

Alec and Jingles was here 21-Dec-2009 at 05:57 and wrote this :
Greetings from Alec and Jingles in Vancouver... hapilly using the Kalendar gadget to keep track of thithe things they do (in spite of some minor problems : - ) )

wilson was here 13-Dec-2009 at 03:07 and wrote this :
i love the minitv gadget.The only problem is when using it in small mode, there is frame rate , buffer info on screen and it flickers fast cant see much.full screen mode works or when i drag it.suggestions?

Ronnie was here 12-Dec-2009 at 19:18 and wrote this :
Hello! Be my guest and write something in my guestbook if you want. Thank you!